Center of a former castrum, the Saint-Pierre district is considered the cradle of Bordeaux. It is at the bottom of an intimate courtyard, nestled in the heart of this historic district, that the elevation project is revealed. It consists of raising the roof to create additional living space and thus enlarge the existing apartment. In close collaboration with the Architect des Bâtiments de France, the main challenge of this micro-intervention is to find optimal habitability in a limited height so as not to disturb the interweaving of neighboring buildings. While retaining the stone cornice of the building, the new wooden structure is set back from the existing facade and is adorned with standing seam zinc cladding. This architectural intervention thus allows the enhancement of a heritage by combining stone with all the tailor-made wooden fittings and abundant natural light.

Project Historic building extension
Client Private
Location Bordeaux
Size 42 m²
Status Built
Pictures Lina Bernard / Paul Pointud
Bordeaux (33) surélévation r