The predominantly urban era in which we live is reaching a level of development where the built up urban fabrics become new project areas. Renewal, opening up, densification, restructuring, rehabilitation are all emerging and recurring issues today that take shape in complex urban situations that are already very characterized and with increasingly intricate issues. Our project is part of the fabric of neighboring stalls, sparing free spaces, porosities and landscaped qualities of island cores. The height of the frame decreases towards the inside of the plot and thus guarantees the maintenance of a volume to the scale of neighboring stalls and their specific plot. A fragmentation of the volumes makes it possible to draw a diffuse and porous whole which tends to come closer to the types of intermediate housing in the heart of the plot.

Project 180 housing units
Client GROUPE PICHET, Pessac (33)
Design partner Nadau Architecture
Location Boulevard Albert 1er, Bordeaux (33)
Cost 15 530 600 € HT
Size 11 590 m² SP
Status Ongoing
Pictures Paul Pointud
Bordeaux (33) square albert 1er