The project is located in Hangar G4, in the heart of the new Bassins à Flot district in Bordeaux. The entire development represents an area of ​​2500m² on 4 levels and is intended for a Coworking space including open-spaces, closed offices, meeting rooms, common living spaces (living space including 30 workstations places of work, places to relax, a coffee shop, etc.). Working in close collaboration with the interior architecture and design department of the MamaShelter group has made it possible to offer workspaces that are at the same time ergonomic, user-friendly and adapted to new uses. The modularity and diversity of the spaces on offer allow you to isolate yourself, work in a team or relax with a breathtaking view of the water basins.

Project Office spaceplanning
Client K Factory + MamaWorks
Location Bordeaux
Cost 1 510 000 €HT
Size 2 500m²
Status Built
Bordeaux (33) MamaWorks