The project is part of a global reflection on the transformation of the sector, within the framework of the Major Urban Projects nearby: ReCentres and Bordeaux Euratlantique. Rue Malbec is in the heart of the city, intra-boulevards, in a mainly residential area, made up of individual stalls or townhouses. Urban and landscape integration is at the heart of the challenges. The architectural proposal suggests an urban renewal, by recreating urban frontalities, in order to redefine a new place, at the level of the district and to highlight the little-known heritage. This treatment of limits makes it possible to relax the background, by freeing the heart of the project. The project consists of two buildings of similar sizes and morphologies. The size of the buildings thus varies, in tiers on the south facade, and goes down to the ground floor. The heights of the buildings will disappear thanks to their qualities of planted planters, joining the heart of the park.

Project 58 housing units + commercial premises
Location Bordeaux (33)
Size 4 400 m²
Status Competition
Images Motiv Studio
Bordeaux (33) malbec