Display a specific identity for the building to be rehabilitated, so that a layman reading can very quickly understand its destination and appropriate it without difficulty by translating a unifying image, creating a significant event given the remarkable situation of the existing building , by displaying a new urban image by day and by night, clearly separating the future Maison des sports du Lycée Kastler. The highlighting of the image of sport has taken on a very natural meaning, implying that on its own, it has the capacity to give facades exposed to view, the desired dynamic in which everyone can identify with them. This is how different parallelepipeds, perched dynamically through a metal structure on which a mesh weaves a transparent veil from which these white volumes are extracted, so that the enhancement of the images is accentuated and their highlight assured.

Project Local Sports House
Design partner Jean Louis CORSENAC
Location Lycée Kastler, Talence (33)
Cost 4 000 000 € HT
Status Built
Pictures Atelier Philippe Caumes
Talence (33) maison des sports