The project proposes a single building located on Magnificat Street, closing off the blind gable of the neighboring building. The neighboring construction is remarkable in the area in that it is one of the few 8 floors buildings. The project therefore closes the urban form in a context of small houses.
The project proposes a readable grid on the facade of concrete post-beams. The target spirit is a simple and rational architecture, in response to a mixed environment, without real unity. This chosen architecture avoids any aesthetic overbidding of a marked and superfluous style, for better integration into an already chaotic landscape. The housing program, arranged in large floors induces large openings for a free plan and multiple possibilities of interior fittings.

Project 6 housing units
Location Bordeaux (33)
Size 780 m²
Status Ongoing
Images Motiv Studio / Rua.lx
Bordeaux (33) magnificat