The architectural writing offers a certain continuity of the past, the dominant dimension of ashlar as the main material is maintained. To ensure the transition between the old facade cut back on two levels, and the contemporary layout of the extension, a stone moucharabieh accompanies the insertion of the two early 19th century dormers whose slenderness is magnified to point out the juxtaposition of the two. next levels. Nothing disturbs this composition in which the stone foundations are drawn in a deliberately random fashion. Completing the two levels of self-supporting stone elevation, two levels, supporting a clear zinc finish, are set back from a bare facade which does not reveal the two terraces respectively delimiting the 5th and 6th floors, which provide a view impregnable on the port of the Moon, the roofs of Bordeaux, the new lifting bridge and the Garonne.

Project Réhabilitation and extension of a 19th century building
Client AQUIPIERRE, 5 Rue Lafayette, Bordeaux (33)
Location Bordeaux (33)
Cost 1 300 000 € HT
Size 890 m²
Status Built
Award 1st Price Pyramide d’Argent 2017
Pictures Atelier Philippe Caumes
Bordeaux (33) lafayette