In accordance with the study carried out by the city of Bègles as part of the development of the Place du 14 Juillet, the buildings are located in the alignment of the avenue Jules Guesde, while leaving in the center a large break that gives access to a new public plot, bordered by two commercial premises. Like two “totems” erected, buildings A and B thus delimit the entrance to this small neighborhood public space. The plot overlooks the large central garden which structures the project over the entire length of the site. The built volumes are generously fragmented, echoing the urban fabric that surrounds it. The construction ends at the bow of rue Léon Gambetta with a small collective volume that marks the entrance to the project, and reveals the heart of the block. The project offers 32 housing units, of very varied typologies and configurations, adapted to different current family patterns.

Project 35 housing units + commercial premises
Client IDEAL Groupe, Bordeaux (33)
Design partner Nadau Architecture
Location Bègles (33)
Cost 2 835 000 € HT
Size 2100 m²
Status Built
Award 40 under 40 European Architecture and Design Award
Pictures Romain Laffue/Atelier Philippe Caumes
Bègles (33) instant b