Ilot H lives under the sign of health. From its morphological and urban genesis, to the specific design of the spaces it contains, through specific materials or even singular constructive considerations, the project is the subject of a global and holistic reflection on health, whether physiological, psychological, and cultural.
The programming of the medical center, targeted and innovative, the qualities of living in exceptional housing, the place of the landscape and access to private outdoor spaces, or the importance of spaces, either shared or private, are so many guarantors of a rich project responding to the ambitions of the new Armagnac Sud district: public health, construction and technical, urban and environmental issues.

Project Medical center + 120 housings
Planner Bordeaux Euratlantique
Design partner Brenac & Gonzales & Associés
Location ZAC St Jean Belcier - Bordeaux (33)
Cost 20 000 000 € HT
Size 3000 m² Medical center + 8 900 m² housings
Status Competition
Images Motiv Studios
ZAC St Jean Belcier - Bordeaux (33) îlot H