The question of urban renewal, through the construction of housing and activities in downtown, takes its place in current policies, whether in the area of ​​transport, the environment, but also social and societal. It is a question of observing a global vision of our neighborhoods, and of the general whole in which they fit. Eysines thus has a strategic location, belonging to the Bordeaux Metropolis. The project is part of a global research on the mutation of the municipality of Eysines. The project prioritizes the spaces of the plot, highlighting the area surrounding the Labat house. This space will serve to enhance the house, rehabilitated into housing. The square thus frees up views from the public space. The second area of ​​the plot will be dedicated to housing and crafts, the delimitation of which is envisaged by a built-up belt, punctuated by multiple porosities, physical and visual.

Project 12 housing units + commercial premises
Location Eysines (33)
Cost 2 396 000 € HT
Size 1 608 m²
Status Competition
Images Motiv Studio
Eysines (33) îlot guiraud