Convert an industrial site into a green island in the heart of Bordeaux, develop a mixed project in housing, shops and student residence, create living spaces serving the well-being of residents and co-create with citizens to promote ownership of the project by the community are all objectives that we have set for the realization of this project. The choice fell on an architecture that avoids any aesthetic overbidding and unnecessary stylistic effects. It expresses the internal organization of housing, the appropriation of common spaces, the integration of the project into its environment. The island is broken up in order to create shorter links, favoring smooth travel. The interaction between the different functions is brought about by the transparency of the groung floor and shared spaces to strengthen human links.

Project 125 housing units + student accommodation + commercial premises
Client Nodi + Linkcity
Design partner Nadau Architecture
Location Bordeaux (33)
Cost 21 000 000 € HT
Size 13 150 m²
Status Ongoing
Images Motiv Studio
Bordeaux (33) îlot fargue