The project proposes the construction of a new building and the renovation of an old hangar into housing units.
The existing hangar has a characteristic industrial character, with its metal frame and its filling in fairground bricks mixed with time. This past marks with a certain emotion a district which was built and transformed on the edge of the railway tracks, in the pure tradition of the working-class suburbs. In this context, the architectural aspect of the project appeared obvious with the transformation of the hangar into housing units included in the existing volume. The new building makes it possible to recreate an urbanity at the level of the district and the coherence of the whole project. The design of the facade is dictated by the desire to transcribe and reinterpret the history of the place, as well as the materialities of the project. The use of a mixture of bricks, red-orange hues, on the new part helps to evoke the industrial past.

Project 25 housing units
Client AQUIPIERRE, 5 Rue Lafayette, Bordeaux (33)
Location Bègles (33)
Cost 1 540 000 € HT
Size 1229 m²
Status Built
Award 40 under 40 European Architecture and Design Award
Pictures Atelier Philippe Caumes
Bègles (33) home factory