The main challenges of Equilibre are to integrate the built into the district spliting the volumes so as not to create a mass effect on Boulevard Brandenburg and favoring the establishment quality gardens between the buildings but also on the boundaries with existing neighboring buildings.
The project is set up in discontinuous order in the form of three buildings, two of which are connected together by a system of passageways. These three distinct buildings, aligned with the public domain, generate vegetated interstices, visual openings on widely planted green spaces visible from the street.
Promoting good exposure of dwellings with a large number of crossings, thus increases natural sunlight and the quality of use.

Project 42 housing units
Design partner Camborde Architectes
Location Bordeaux (33)
Cost 3 685 000 € HT
Size 2922 m²
Status Built
Pictures Atelier Philippe Caumes / Paul Pointud
Bordeaux (33) équilibre